Like water off the duck's back, let all the leanness be always away!

Steam bath has always been considered the keeper of ?alive? cleaning water and health, because it strengthened and directed vital power of the person into necessary direction. First, bath was considered to b the symbol of crossing all bad things which can surround a person in this life. Then later it has become embodiment of hospitability and hearth. In Russian fairy tales Ivanushka demands from Baba Yaga first to steam him in the bath, to feed and to drink him, and to make a bed for him ? and only then to start asking questions. These ideas about hospitability are kept even nowadays in villages, and a guest, who has knocked at the door, first will be taken to the steam bath, and then ? to the table and in bed. The same cozy atmosphere of recreation rooms in our complex will help you to relax. Here you can order a lunch, listen to music, spend good time in good company or just restore your strength. Rooms are decorated in different styles and scale of colours. Thus each of you can choose a place for recreation to your own taste. All rooms are furnished with luxurious soft furniture, table, stereo system, TV-set. Walls are decorated with flowers, mosaic and beautiful pictures, that create unforgettable romantic atmosphere.





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