Bath is steaming, bath is reigning!


Russian bath

The steam in bath both makes and strokes!

The history of Russian steam bath goes to ancient time. In Ancient Rus entire life of people has been connected with the bath, as people has thought that only in the bath you can clean not only your body, but also your soul. They thought that if a sick person hasn't been cured by the steam bath, none can help him. In ?The Story of Passing Years? we can find detailed description of a bath. Apostle Andrew, after seeing an ancient Russian bath in Novgorod , has been surprised by the process of steaming, dousing with kvass and beating each other with brooms. ?A surprising thing I have seen in Slavic land? I have seen wooden baths, and people bring them to red heat, and they will take off their clothes and naked they will be, and they will be dousing themselves with cold water, and they live only this way. And they do this every day, not forced by anyone, but they force themselves, and they call it cleaning and not torment?.

Finnish sauna

A good bath is better than thick lunch!

Combination of words ?Finnish sauna? has become nominal long time ago. But only few people know that this word, being so close to hearts of each amateur of dry steam, is translated from the language of Suomi country as ?a room made of wood?. Created by Finns, sauna reflects the character of this calm unhurried nation in its best way. In the dry sauna the air is heated up to 140 degrees with the humidity no more than 10-15%. Finnish sauna doesn't have that emotional colouring of steaming procedures in Russian bath. You won't be able to wave a broom and to add some steam there ? all these procedures are not for Finnish sauna with its high temperatures. Sauna is an essential part of Finnish lifestyle, and this word is present in almost all languages. There are saunas in Finland everywhere ? in private houses, in hotels, in motels, in cottages for rest. Finns consider a sauna to be not the luxury, but a daily necessity ? and you visit a real Finnish sauna at least once, you will be assured in this fact yourself and you will agree with them. From the point of view of Finn people, visiting a sauna is a usual health-improving hygienic procedure. When in Finnish sauna, you should breathe only with your mouth half-opened and try to talk as little as possible. The period of sitting inside of the sauna for permanent amateurs is 2-3 times, with 5-10 minutes intervals between them.

Turkish-Roman bath

Bath is the second mother: it will steam your bones and improve your works!

The ground of hamaams philosophy (from Arabic ? ?spreading warmth?) is cleaning: physical and spiritual. Nowadays Turkish baths are popular in many countries, you can see them everywhere around the world. Main ?attributes? of Turkish bath are 100% humidity and temperature from 30 to 55 degrees. In case of rheumatism, diseases of airways and skin diseases, medical effects are provided by saturated water steam with eucalyptus. First hamaams appear in VII century A.D., and the most interesting fact is that their history has been started not by Turkish people. At first such technologies have been used by Romans. Then Arabs have gained this custom from Romans, and then Turkish people ? from Arabs. Nowadays the sequence of rooms is the same as in Romans' times, but the number and relation inside of the bath has changed somehow. Turkish bath has also started the tradition of massage in hot steam bath, and so massagers have appeared in it too. Roman room of dry steam has been replaced by small sweating-room in Turkish bath.



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