I'll give you such a bath that you won't forget it till new brooms!

Water is an unusual element. It's the source of life and its everlasting companion. When diving into crystal clean water, you feel self-assurance and peace. That's why water filtration is a very important element of swimming-pools service. Quality cleaning the water in swimming-pools is provided by special equipment, filter element of which is presented by quartz sand. Filter for swimming-pool and shower turns ?destructive? mains water into strong cosmetic preparation. Our skin is an inherent component of our organism and it needs special attention and cautious care. Clean fresh water is useful not only for internals, but it's also necessary for optimal functioning of integument (skin and hair). After withdrawal of water for complex needs, it is put through sand filter, previously cleaned by reagents. A tutored specialist of the company checks water for acid-base balance level, and if necessary, makes certain corrections. Thus, water is cleaned from rust, pigments, suspended matters, chlorine, nitrates, sals of heavy metals, it becomes soft and clean. Under the influence of such water, skin becomes soft, it obtains nic colour and healthy appearance.


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